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Overcoming alcohol addiction can be a long, difficult and bumpy journey at times. You may even feel like it’s impossible to get well or as though alcohol addiction will forever be a part of your life. Fortunately, no matter how powerless you feel, there is treatment for alcohol addiction that can help you get well. You don’t have to wait until you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel before you can begin to make the change and get well—we’re here to help.

In this section, you will find information about:

  • Counseling – the foundation for all psychiatric and psychological recovery from alcohol addiction
  • Detox – the necessary first step of any alcohol addiction treatment program and the most difficult part of recovering
  • Inpatient Treatment – around-the-clock treatment for alcohol addiction that ensures a great chance for successful recovery
  • Long-Term Treatment – treatment for alcohol addiction that spans a period of at least 3 months and typically lasts 6 months or more
  • Outpatient Treatment – a less invasive, but still very effective form of alcohol addiction treatment
  • Residential Treatment – a live-in treatment program that provides medical care and counseling for recovery

Depending on the severity of your condition as well as various other factors such as budget, location and availability of open beds in treatment you may find that one or many of the above treatments are effective and beneficial to you. Your budget will likely play a key role in the type of treatment that you choose but it should not be the only deciding factor. It’s important to think about the severity of your addiction, the addition of any co-occurring mental health conditions and various other factors when choosing an addiction treatment program that’s right for you or for someone you love.

We can help you find and choose effective alcohol addiction treatment that’s close to home or far away. Depending on your unique needs, budget and various other factors, we can help you make the best decision and get on the right path to recovery.

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