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Do you or does someone you love suffer from alcohol addiction? Recovery from alcohol addiction is the only chance you have at getting well and the sooner you choose a life of recovery, the sooner you can begin to heal from the physical and psychological effects of alcohol addiction and the toll that the addiction has taken on your health. Recovery takes time, it comes in many different forms and it may be a difficult journey but your decision to stop drinking and to get well will not be disappointing.

Millions of Americans drink alcohol on a regular basis and many of them will require treatment in order to recover from the addiction that ensues from prolonged alcohol abuse. Without help, these very people are likely to fall victim to a world of consequences and problems that come with alcohol addiction. Fortunately, recovery programs such as 12-step programs and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous provide a foundation for successfully overcoming addiction.

In this section you will find details about:

  • 12 Step Recovery Programs – step based treatment for addiction to alcohol
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – the original support group founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson & Dr. Bob Smith
  • Recovery Programs – an overview of the many different types of recovery programs available to assist you in making a full recovery from alcohol addiction
  • Support Groups – an overview of the many different support groups available for alcohol addiction recovery and how support groups can be effective for long-term sobriety
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